The Anabaptist Assembly

(Conservative Mennonite)

Unto the hills will I lift mine eyes,
From whence cometh my help,
It cometh from the LORD.
Psalm 122


Welcome to our site. If this is your first contact with Anabaptists, or Mennonites, as we are more commonly referred to, welcome.


We are fundamentally a Christian gathering of people, of various backgrounds, who have decided to live their Christian life following in the footsteps of those in centuries past who came to be called Anabaptists.

The Anabaptist movement was first called such in Europe in 1525, although there existed many groups who held to similar beliefs centuries before that date. Anabaptism as an organised movement was first organised in Switzerland in the early 16th century, thereafter it spread throughout Northern Europe from where it had a powerful influence across the world. Both the Protestants of the Reformation, and the Roman Catholic Church tried hard to suppress Anabaptism, often literally killing its adherents.

We are not attached to any denomination or Mennonite conference, choosing to be self governing, yet interdependent with other conservative Anabaptists groups of like faith and practice.

Firstly we believe that Jesus came into the world, as the Son of God, to restore a broken relationship, broken by sin. This relationship he restored in dying on the cross for all mankind, thus taking upon himself the penalty of our sin. However man can only come into that right relationship, originally intended for all mankind, by expressing repentance for his sins and receiving, by faith, the forgiveness God so freely offers. Thereafter, by the aid of God's Holy Spirit living a life of holiness and continual sanctification before God and man.

Non-resistance (Matt 5:38-48) and separation from the world and worldliness (Rom 12:2) are central to our belief and practice of the way of Christianity. We take the words and actions of Jesus in the gospels as standards to be aimed for, and with grace as an active power from God, these standards are attainable.

Living a kingdom way of life is a foretaste and a preparation for the coming of Jesus for the last judgement and the new world He will then create.

Although we do not want to go the way of having a list of rules and regulations, we do believe that the Christian's life should be evidenced by a simple and conservative lifestyle that reflects itself in our congregational life. We would see ourselves as a conservative congregation, not needing to follow the trends of the society at large; we would also reject the worship of money and materialism.

The Bible is inspired by the Spirit of God, and a living word for mankind today, however it can only be fully understood by those who have that same Spirit informing their interpretation of it (2 Peter 1:19-21).

Jesus is our Saviour, not the Bible or the church. But just as Jesus was saturated in the Scriptures, and in the collective life of His worshiping community, so likewise He desires us to be saturated in the Scriptures and committed to our brethren in the church community as we prepare ourselves together to be the bride of Jesus Christ.

Our desire is to be centred upon Christ Jesus through His Holy Spirit more like the first Anabaptists, indeed like the first Christians.


Please refer to the Dordrecht Confession of Faith at


Anabaptist Assembly Meetings

We meet mainly in homes in various locations around the country.
Should you wish further information of meeting venues and dates please contact us via email.


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